Across the Mainland

Journey to Nath'Reliim

The following is a quick listing of the events that took place after the abduction of the Elf child Liandril and the adventures of those who sought him out.

1: Party meets at Arcane Order to locate Liandril, son of Iilareth of Skyhome by means of magic.
2: Party discovers (with the help of Alianne Borealle) Liandril has been abducted by a Dragon worshiping cult.
3: Needing to locate a hidden ruin of Orion, Leif and Remmington aid in the search for the child in hopes of accessing secret knowledge from the cult.
4: While investigating the cult, the party is forced into clearing out an ancient ruin beneath where the cult is camped by means of some mind affecting spell of one of the cultists.
5: After clearing the ruins, it is discovered that it is a shrine of Chronepsis, the Dragon God which the cultists worship. The cultists are eliminated, and the aspect of Chronepsis is summoned within the shrine to answer questions. The party discovers the location of the ruins they seek, but not the means to access them.
6: Party is instructed to find “The Old Man” within the Elven City of Nath’Reliim, who is the only one still alive on Terrastrom who knows how to access the ruins the party seeks.
7: Party discovers the location of Liandril and rescues him from the lasts of the cultists.
8: Party returns to Iilareth for the reward of returning his son, Liandril.
9: Travel towards Nath’Reliim begins, with Leif, Remmington, and Bonk scouting the road ahead only to encounter a duo of Harpies. Harpies are slain and the three characters return to the rest of the party to rest and recuperate before travel.
10: Party heads south, traveling for a few days.
11: One night, a cage full of pale naked people on a wagon is found nearby the campsite. It is pulled away in the early hours of the morning by a red-eyed man driving the wagon with a horse.
12: The party takes a detour to The Falls to visit the scout headquarters there to receive promotional gear for Leif. She receives a cloak-clasp, a shortsword, a horse named Vesper, and a gem which allows her to know other Scouts’ callsigns.
13: Party meets the wizard Excellius Baldesh, who is slain by an unseen force shortly after meeting him. His feline familiar, Beatrix, is collected by the party before they flee the scene. Excellius is left in the road.
14: Party heads through the Capitol Farmlands, meets Young Thomas and Old Gregory. They rest at their cottage.
14: The party stops at a roadside tavern called the Barley-Barrel, where another man is slain by the mysterious force. The man wore the same necklace as Excellius Baldesh, and so the party recommended to the people around the tavern that the necklace be buried somewhere and forgotten, as they believed it to be cursed.
15: The party passes the crossroads, the intersection of the Empire’s roads, and the closest crossing to Vulpinach to the North. They briefly meet the marshal of the farmlands, Raymus Janore.
16: The party reaches the ends of the farmlands and meets the Halfling treasure-hunter Filiwam of Greenbank. He requests their assistance in rescuing his friends and acquiring the treasure they sought.
17: The party joins Filiwam and rescues his companions Faldi and Grimlan from the Ogres that ambushed them. Kipsie dies in the battle, and the Halfling treasure hunters acquire the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, offering them to the party in return for their assistance. They accept. The Halflings join the party.
18: The party makes haste to Lowpeak to resurrect Kipsie, and are assisted in doing so by the priest of St. Cuthbert, Kevros Lancer. Lowpeak, however, has had all of its guards and clerics abducted from town. The party agrees to try and make contact with the ranger of the woods for information on the attacks. The ranger also happens to be Leif’s older brother, Orland Blüm.
19: The party rests up for the night before heading out to locate Orland, but are attacked in the night by a trio of demonic humanoids that Kevros later reveals to be Tieflings. The party slays one of these Tieflings and tries to rest up near the horses for the rest of the night.
20: Leif awakes and gets Remmington and Lorz to leave early with her to seek out Orland, as she has a terrible feeling that he was in danger. They set out to track Orland, and find themselves in a ruin on the edge of the forest fighting the other two Tieflings that had attacked the night before. The Tieflings are slain and their equipment is taken. There are oddities noticed about the gear.


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