Filiwam of Greenbank

Treasure-hunter from Greenbank, Halfling


Halfling, male, black hair, cloaked leather armor, shortsword


Filiwam is the leader of a group of treasure-hunting Halflings from the village of Greenbank. The other members of his company, Faldi and Grimlan, will follow him wherever he goes in search of hidden goods to acquire. He recently lost two of his treasure-hunting companions, Galli and Saldur, in a terrible Ogre ambush, but doesn’t speak much of the event. Faldi wears a dark gray set of leather armor and a dark brown cloak and wields a finely crafted but rather old-looking shortsword. His black hair is short and parted on one side and his chin is covered in dark stubble.

Filiwam of Greenbank

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