Kevros Lancer

Priest of St. Cuthbert in Lowpeak, Human


Human, Male, Cleric, Middle Aged, White Hair


Kevros Lancer is the acting Regent Priest of the St. Cuthbert in the town of Lowpeak. He recently replaced the previous religious leader of the town, Alikain Whitestone, who was a good friend and a cleric of Heironeous. He has all mannerisms and appearances of a kind man despite the plate armor he wears daily. His white hair has receded to the point of baldness on the top of his head, though his face only shows mild elements of age. A grayish beige tabbard of St. Cuthbert’s symbol- a set of weighing scales- adorns his front while an ornate gold and white mace sways at his belt. A tome of prayers hangs from a thin chain attached to his left pauldron.

Kevros Lancer

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