Mureen Gondler

Operator of Southfarthing Inn, Human


Human, female, short, red hair, freckles


Mureen Gondler is the operator of Southfarthing Inn. She runs the inn with the assistance of Kendra Fran and Roy North, though the inn is actually owned by Mureen’s father who lives within Vulpinach. She is by most standards considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Terrastrom, despite being quite short. Her red hair curls in shining waves that bounce along her shoulders as she walks the halls of the inn, save for two braids that start at the part amid her forehead and end behind her in a leather strip. Her skin is fair and freckled, and her green eyes are large and round. Her brow and lips, however, display a firm seriousness that betray her otherwise welcoming appearance.
Mureen is well liked around the town, but rarely leaves the inn.

Mureen Gondler

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