Yenkul Fielderson

Librarian of Lowpeak and Professor of Magic for the Eternal Library, Human


Human, Male, Black Hair, Wizard


Yenkul Fielderson is the owner and operator of the Library of Boccob within Lowpeak and Professor of Magic within the Eternal Library. He constantly looks as if his thoughts are distant, and does not spend much time on personal grooming. His short black hair is constantly a mess and his eyes wear bags beneath them. He wears closely wrapped blue robes with white trim and shorter sleeves and walks with a staff, though he shows no signs of trouble walking. He assists travelers and townsfolk with research on all matters, though he is particularly fond of sharing knowledge of the arcane with any who are interested. His brother, Kevkas, is the marshal of the Lowpeak Garrison.

Yenkul Fielderson

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