Everblack is occasionally referred to as “The Lands the Gods Forgot” by some common-folk, as it is known to be the home of many civilizations of creatures considered to be inherently evil such as Goblins and Orcs. Shortly after the formation of the Silver Flame, the religious group decided to attempt to cleanse Everblack of its evil by landing a large army upon the Southern shores and fighting their way Northward. After three years, a large tower was constructed on a smaller island (within Everblack’s borders but not attached by land) as a headquarters for the efforts. The conflict lasted 11 more years until Fort Blackport was constructed on the island at a point deemed of major strategic importance. The conflict however, took a strange turn.

After the hasty construction of Blackport, the Silver Flame began experiencing a dramatic slow in their pace Northward. Leadership on the island became very questionable, and for six more long years the Silver Flame maintained a defensive position. The push North was only continued by risk-taking adventurers who’d heard tale of undiscovered treasures hidden within the deadly wilderness of Everblack. The Fortress eventually became reminiscent of a town with more population coming North from the recently formed villages of Gavony and Sara’ak. The Fortress was considered at this point a lost cause, with little to no support coming from the Mainland in order for any significant ground to be taken on Everblack.

It wasn’t until the last few months that the reasons for the Fort’s lack of success were discovered by a group of adventurers. The plots against the Silver Flame were foiled, and the Fort began to receive new support and recruits after a change in leadership.

As it stands now, Blackport remains a haven for citizens of the Empire and civilized folk of Everblack. However, the Empire has recently made efforts to clear the civilian and amateur adventuring population from the Fort to focus efforts on the push North and as such is less frequented by seekers of fortune or battle.

The Bulwark
The massive twenty foot thick, sixty foot tall, iron-armored wall that protects the North of Blackport is known as The Bulwark. It is a mile across from shore to shore on the narrow strip connecting North and South Everblack, and is attached directly to Fort Blackport’s Keep. It is manned by patrols day and night, and is armed with heavy ballistae every two-hundred feet.
The Pinnacle
Southwest of the Keep atop a plateau of a series of hills rests what the Silver Flame calls The Pinnacle. This massive courtyard occupied by temples of the five deities of the Silver Flame looks down over Blackport and its wall and into the Blackreach. Within the perimeter of the Pinnacle, all members of the SIlver Flame worship and pay tribute to their appropriate deity within their temple and receive their blessings. In Blackport’s history, battle has only reached the Pinnacle once, and only very recently.
Trade District
Though the Fortress was never truly meant to hold any area for public trade, the population of the Fort until recent times resulted in the evolution of the area designated to hold Blackport’s Smithy, Warehouse, and Quartermaster. South of the Keep, the Trade District is a huddle of well constructed buildings with a ten foot tall stone wall around the perimeter. Though the tradesmen deal mostly with the Silver Flame, they are open to business with any who happen through.


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