World: Terrastrom
Terrastrom is a world made with the ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

The world is currently in the era of the Lupine Empire, with most civilized races being within a loose alliance with one another under the banner of the Wolf Flag, the Empire’s symbol. There is peace throughout the Mainland, though the peace is quite loose and based almost entirely upon trade agreements and a united hatred of the Eastern continent of Takesh, the population of which being mostly vile savages and sinister governments.
Occasionally small bursts of conflict arises between continents and cultures, a magic anomaly may cause a catastrophe here or there, or ancient ruins from a previous civilization may be perused too clumsily, causing events of interest to take place. However, with the presence of stout adventurers, the Empire’s armies, and the coalition of religious factions known as The Silver Flame, not many problems persist for long.