Assembly of Balance

Worshiped Deity: Ehlonna (Neutral Good)
Locations: in sacred groves throughout Terrastrom in areas of nature
Headquarters: Ironbark Forest
Followers: rangers, hunters, druids, farmers, archers
Activities: celebrating seasons, protection of sacred groves, hunting evil
Enemies: those who befoul nature. undead. Gnolls.
High Priest: Orthana Woodsoul (Female Elf Druid 10/Cleric 10)

Many worship Ehlonna as the godess of nature, but those who count themselves among the Assembly of Balance strive to protect nature from those who would harm it as well as from the industrious greed of society. They protect the forest, fight undead, and subdue and relocate any beasts that attack them on the roads. Druids of the Assembly of Balance welcome new members into the faction when they’ve found one of the sacred groves and proved their love for the godess.

Benefit: Members of the Assembly are able to locate caches of hidden supplies in nature, as well as notice symbols left by the faction to warn of danger or important locations. Higher ranking members are granted a strong connection with nature, and enjoy certain protections while travelling in the wild.

Detailed Information: Complete Champion 3.5, pg 8

Assembly of Balance

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