The Mainland

The Mainland is home to many grand cities and villages, sprawling with forests and grasslands, and pocked with mountain ranges. The largest landmass on Terrastrom, the Mainland is sometimes referred to as “West Terrastrom” by the people of the world.

Most Humans of Terrastrom were born and raised on the mainland, and nearly all of them stay there their entire lives. The same can be said for the Halflings, Gnomes, and Dwarves, who keep mostly to themselves on the Eastern end of the continent. Elves, while members of the Empire, live not on the mainland but to the south on the large Island of Nathrel’iim.
Across the Mainland, ancient ruins big and small pock the landscape; remnants from a past time that scholars have yet to piece together. Some of these ruins remain untouched, some are filled with savage new occupants, and some are avoided by travelers for one reason or another. Many ruins have been found over the years, some even being within plain sight across low grasslands, but it is believed that many more remain undiscovered- hidden within mountain crevices and low untouched valleys.

There are many settlements, large and small, that cover this landscape. Those settlements rest within a few distinct areas/regions. From West to East, the Regions of the Mainland can be found below:






The Mainland

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