Nath’Reliim is the home city of the High-Elves and while it is a separate landmass from the Mainland its trade agreements and allegiances are with the Lupine Empire. The High-Elves keep almost entirely to themselves on the island and rarely allow outsiders without appropriate authorization on trade or political missions.
The city itself is located on an island at the opposite end of a vast structure known as the Infinity Bridge, a long and ancient straight of stone that stretches for miles across the sea, connecting the High-Elven lands to the Mainland. The towers of Nath’Reliim reach high and narrow into the sky within the city, which is surrounded by dense and magic forests pocketed with small villages of less wealthy High-Elves.
Within the city, there are four distinct districts:

Artisan District
This district holds the shops and services most used by the public and visitors within the city. While there are not many outsiders who gain the privilege to purchase goods here, a central warehouse exports goods from the various shops to the rest of the Mainland. Should one find themselves within Nath’Reliim’s Artisan District, they would easily locate the services found below from their exquisite displays.
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Warmaker’s District
The Warmaker’s District houses the head garrison and armory of the High-Elven forces, and is where the Army of the Stars trains their Fighters, Rangers, and Warmages. Most of this district is restricted to the public, but the armory offers blacksmithing services in regards to weapons and armor.
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Star District
This area is home to some of the most specialized arcane practitioners on Terrastrom. The colleges within this district provide training in many prestigious classes of magic (Complete Arcane pg 18 with some exceptions). Some spend entire lifetimes gaining knowledge from the masters there. Along with training, some arcane spellcasting and item creation services are available here.
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Windwoken District
This area is essentially the location of all the homes within Nath’Reliim. Those who live within the city hold lineage that stretches far back due to the longevity of High-Elven lives, and so many of the homes have continually been improved over generations. One might compare the Windwoken District to a plane of divine creation, as there is clearly an identifiable element of competition in the craftsmanship of their homes. Tall spires and lush gardens wherever one looks, fountains and enchantments of light among flowers; all of it pales, however, in comparison to the temple of Corellon Larethian at the district’s center. The temple is older in architectural design but obviously kept well and shines brightly among the buildings that surround it. While the keepers of the temple deal primarily in Elven blessings and worship, some divine services are available within.
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